cat Second Chance HILL science Diet

As a shelter partner, we are exclusively

feeding Hill’s® Science Diet® to all

the animals in our care.


Fundraising Opportunity-Can You Help?
Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary receives a portion of the proceeds from a Candy Dispensing Program which is operated by Craig Bigelow. Craig will deliver the dispenser to your place of business AT NO COST TO YOU. You’ll have a choice of quality products like Reese's pieces, M&M peanuts, jelly beans, Skittles, etc.  Each dispenser carries the Second Chance logo and says you care about the Animals. There are two, three, and four headed machines which take up only 1 sq ft of space.  Please contact Craig for more information. See the machine by clicking here

Thank you for your interest in Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary. As we don't receive any government support, we completely rely on your charity. By supporting us, you're giving a merciful chance to a lot of animals in need. Thanks to your help, they will have a second chance in their lives.

There are many ways you can help us: money donation donation of supplies and/or giving your time as a volunteer are valuable contributions. If you need more information, please contact us.

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Memorial Donations
It is now possible to make a memorial donation to honour the memory of either your beloved animal, a friend, a member of the family or someone who was an animal lover. Second Chance will notify the deceased’s family, if applicable, and will also provide a tax receipt. All memorial donations will be used by Second Chance Wildlife Sanctuary to care for rescued animals.

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