cat Second Chance HILL science Diet

As a shelter partner, we are exclusively

feeding Hill’s® Science Diet® to all

the animals in our care.


Our Adoption Policy

The Sanctuary will not allow cats or kittens to be adopted unless the following rules are followed:

1. Adoptions will not be permitted if the adopters intend to have the kitten or cat declawed.

2. Spaying or neutering must be performed.
3. Kittens and cats must be kept indoors; unless the animal is wearing a harness and on a lead or an outdoor enclosure is available.

4. The adopters must realize they may be taking on a 20 year commitment. This commitment could be expensive and their pet must not be put down as a way of avoiding paying for proper veterinary care.

The Sanctuary does recommend:

1. Both hard and soft (wet) food be provided and be of high quality

2. A single kitten only be adopted when another animal or a person is home most of the time
3. Small children be taught how to correctly treat animals

The Sanctuary wants our kittens and cats to have a long, happy life and this can only be achieved by responsible pet owners.